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How to look after your flowers at home

If you received flowers from us and want to make them last please follow the instructions below.

Enjoy and display in a cool location away from draughts, direct sunlight and ripening fruit. 

If you received a....

  • Bouquet or posy- remove the wrap that the flowers arrived in, do not remove the tying ribbon on the stems, recut the stems ends on an angle about 1cm before placing in clean vase with water. Change water every second day.
  • Bouquet in a carry bag or a bloom box - flowers will arrive with two days worth of water. You can either enjoy the bouquet in the carry bag or bloom box, top up the water level by poring 1/2 cup of water into the water bag that sits around the flower stems or your can remove the water bag and display the flowers into a vase. Both need water changes every second day.
  • Bloom Bag - your bloom bag will arrive with a water source around the stems ends. Remove from bloom bag, remove the packaging and water source, recut stems ends on an angle about 1cm before placing in a clean vase with water.
  • Plant  - this will come with a separate care card.